Divine Dreams English Golden Retrievers

European and American Lines, Health Tested Parents

What is the difference between an

English Golden Retriever vs. American Golden Retriever

All Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland,

and they were known as a superior hunting dog.

They are all Golden Retrievers, but there are definitely some differences

between the American and the European Bloodlines.

Though they did not originate in England, they are commonly called English Goldens to

differentiate between the American and the European Golden Retrievers.


ENGLISH                     AMERICAN

  Generally lighter in color                   Generally darker in color

    Top line is a level slope                       Back slopes down a little

                            Broader Head                                   Narrower profile that blends into skull

                            Eyes are round and level                 Slanted

                            Ears are level with eyes                   Ears are behind and just above the eyes

                            Neck is long, protruding neck,         Neck is medium length, muscular                               Clean and often trimmed ruff         and untrimmed

                            Tail is level with back                       Tail has a slight upward curve

                            Build is heavier and stockier            Leaner build with a more lightweight



                            Males height is 22 - 24 inches          Males height is 23 - 24 inches

                            Females height are 20 - 22 inches    Females height is 21 - 22 inches

                            Lifespan 12 years                               Lifespan 10 - 11 years

                             Cancer Rate  38.8%                           Cancer Rate 60 %